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Lu breaks it down … simple-powerful-transformation. – ME Santa Monica
Working with Lu has allowed me to let go of the drama and get back to HAPPY! – LDR
When I first met with Lu, I felt an immediate connection, understanding and compassion from her.  She really helped me to isolate the issues I was dealing with and relate to them from a very different perspective.  Her ongoing support and encouragement have been genuine and from the heart. – Tom D.
Since I started using the tools every day I’m just a happier person. I couldn’t ask for anything better! The tools help me put these things in perspective. – Andrea, Children’s Author
Lu is the REAL deal. – Karen, Teacher
Lu has been a tremendous help to me overall but best in my times of feeling in limbo or high anxiety. – J.F.
Lu is a talented, Angelic Intuitive. She is also very bright – her ability to see things in detail and give information are phenomenal – and I have been to many psychics’ and healers. I feel very healed and empowered and the benefits keep coming! – Katherine Hemming, Mindfulness Instructor.
I am a well qualified and experienced mental health clinician. I can say without reservation—personally and professionally—that what she has offered me in the past few years enhances and synergizes with what I have learned from my more ’traditional’ and dynamically oriented therapy. Because of her, I am moving with the current of life instead of swimming upstream against it. I recommend her without reservation and with complete encouragement! –Anonymous
I’ve known Lu for years know and she has always given me the best readings.  I’ve ventured out to other healers/readers from time to time and I always seem to come back to Lu. She gives gentle advice that can shift the energy substantially in a positive direction. Give yourself (or someone you love) a reading with Lu. She is a blessing to this earth- Lisa V., Intuitive Entrepreneurial Healer
Louise Marie, again and again, not only is a dynamic and relatable teacher of her self-empowering tools but an amazingly accurate intuitive. She is compassionate, perceptive, and has a sense of humor to put one at ease. – Gina, Jojo Productions
Hi Lu – well today I went to that house and I was very pleased that that feeling I USED to have was all gone – I brought my love and light to the place and walked and fed the dog and all was good – so THANK YOU SO MUCH–for those wonderful tools – it sure does work – be well. – Michele
I never realized how much of other people’s “stuff” I had dragging me down and draining me. Finding a such a fast fix way to expel that bad energy and to power up my own positive energy has made a huge difference in how I feel mentally and physically. Everyone should have this easy access tool kit to tune themselves up! – Jenn W.
Lu is always loving, thoughtful, full of laughter and cares deeply for the people that seek her help. She has a wonderful heart and a keen insight. I recommend her highly.” – Jennifer L.
Lu has been a prominent teacher and friend in my life, that has been extremely instrumental in my process of healing and growing. She has shared and continues to share her amazing gifts of energy healing and intuitive insight that has helped me reach new levels of awareness and clarity. Her tools are so powerful that by applying them to your everyday life, its impossible not to experience positive changes. She is AMAZING!!! – Tracy C.
The tools Lu taught me helped me stay on track, remain motivated and keep true to my path as I developed my business. Sometimes just repeating the words “Just Ground It” is all I need in the moment; yes it works.”– Jo
Lu Gong is an incredibly gifted intuitive and healer…I am always amazed by how much she helps me clear and create in our session. I have seen many intuitives and Lu is truly one of the very best!-Laura Amazzone, Author of Goddess Durga & Sacred Female Power
This past week I was flat on my back for four days with a physical illness and the energetic struggle behind it. Lu assisted me in moving that energy with two very different but very powerful healings; a reading and a hands-on healing. Lu’s depth of talent and skill never cease to amaze me. Thanks for working your magic Lu!
Generally, I have found it challenging to sit and be still.  With Lu’s Power Tools, I can quickly ground myself.  Her tools are simple, effective and very helpful.  I am grateful for an easy way to shift my energy and the way that I feel. Thank you Lu! –Karen S.
Lu gave me the tools to ground, protect and flood my spirit with love.   Allowing myself to be nurtured in this way has brought me profound peace.  We can not control what happens outside of ourselves, but we can navigate this unpredictable journey of life armed with simple tools that reside in all of us.  -Kelly, R.N.
There are no words that could befittingly describe the spiritual tools and knowledge she shares so generously with those who attend her classes. Lu is one person who should be on everyone’s “To Do List” if they are interested in expanding their Spiritual growth and enriching their Soul. Her enthusiasm and easy approach to unlocking the secrets and magic in the realm of Spiritualism is a mystical and exciting world that should be accessible to everyone. – Debika

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