Life Path Intuitive


Types of Sessions Offered

Contact Lu at (310) 697-6615 or email at to schedule an appointment.

 Name  Description  Duration  Cost
 Individual Life Path One-One Session Package   Sessions will be customized to your needs.  Opportunities will be presented to heal old stories, hurt and reoccurring patterns.  View your Life Purpose & Blue Print.  Interview your guides and how they are here to assist you. Have a conversation with Spirit while viewing & clearing past lives along the way. Walk away with tools designed for your life’s journey – growing your Soul & Anchoring your Light into the vibration of your Authentic Self.  In person or via phone – 3 sessions Three 60 minutes sessions  Call for fee schedule
 Life Path Intuitive One-One Session   A Life Path Reading is an opportunity to gain clarity, clear confusion and remove obstacles that may be keeping you in a pattern.  When you feel out of balance there is a life lesson for you to learn.  From an intuitive setting, Louise Marie will view the energy so you can gain clarity as to why you have attracted the situation. In this awareness, you may transform and bring harmony into the life you are creating.  She will explain what the Soul is trying to teach you and what your life purpose presents. In person or via phone/facetime.  – 6o minute session  Call for fee schedule
 Couples Session  You have a contract with everyone you meet be it a second or a lifetime.  Discover what’s going on with you and your mate and why the Universe brought you together.  You will gain perspective on the life lessons you are learning together in a relationship. In addition, you’ll receive tools to communicate with your partner effectively (to be heard & to listen) while enhancing the growth with your partner and yourself. 60 minutes Call for fee schedule