Life Path Intuitive

Meditation and Intuitive Readings from Louise Marie

Where are you going and why? Are you living from a place of joy & wellness or anger & blame? Life experiences can evolve you back to infinite JOY or can keep you spinning on the wheel of limiting beliefs & old stories until you realize from withIN & stop the madness on the OUTside. Louise Marie helps you get to the root of your story so you can shift it and move into self empowerment. Every Soul is embarking on a journey to create Heaven on Earth.  Isn’t that what you came here to do? What’s keeping your from Shining your Light?

What is a Life Path Intuitive?

A Life Path Intuitive session can help you find clarity and your own intents. Clear confusion. Remove obstacles. Break habits which hold you back from necessary growth and change.  When you feel out of balance there is a life lesson for you to learn.  From an intuitive setting, Lu will view the energy so you can gain your own clarity as to why you have attracted the situation. With your newfound awareness, you may consciously transform and bring harmony into your life.  She will explain what your Soul is trying to show you and what your life purpose presents.

Shine your Brilliant self!

“We are all broken-that’s how the light gets in.”

Ernest Hemingway

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